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The Partners Blog is written primarily by Partners’ executive director Richard Lemons. Through these letters, Richard shares resources, tools, and research relevant to leading organizations, prompting large-scale instructional improvement, and disrupting inequity.

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2912, 2023

Honoring Gordon Bruno

December 29, 2023|

Partners for Educational Leadership has lost a visionary forefather. Dr. Gordon Bruno, the founding Executive Director of Partners, then the “Connecticut Center for School Change,” passed away on December 19, 2023. In his time at the Center, he brought gravitas to a small and fledgling non-profit, establishing it as a force
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1209, 2022

Bringing a Coaching Stance To the Design of Your Meetings

September 12, 2022|

In an article published in the MIT Sloan Management Review, Steven Rogelberg, Cliff Scott, and John Kello analyzed how much time American workers spend in meetings and how valuable they find such meetings. According to their research, the average American worker spends six hours weekly in meetings. These same studies suggest
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2706, 2022

Bouncing Around Between My Ears: Big Ideas Borrowed From Others

June 27, 2022|

This year I am celebrating thirty years as an educational professional.  Perhaps my age makes me prone to nostalgia, but lately, I find myself reflecting on the numerous thought leaders, scholars, colleagues, family members, and friends who have influenced my thinking and my work. On a daily basis, I draw upon
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1810, 2021

In Partnership of Your Vision

October 18, 2021|

Over the last eighteen months, I have logged long hours observing and working closely with numerous school district leaders.  In the early months, my first impression was sincere appreciation--appreciation for stress, the hours logged, the unanticipated challenges of COVID,  and the constant uncertainty.  My appreciation and admiration remain. In addition, I’ve
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2605, 2021

In Honor of Dudley Williams, Model of Public Service

May 26, 2021|

On May 21, 2021, Dudley Williams, Board Chair of the CT Center for School Change, died after a long battle with cancer. Dudley was a consummate leader, guiding the Center's board with grace, seriousness, humor, and vision.  Under his leadership, the Center transitioned between two Executive Directors, expanded its reach, and
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2203, 2021

Stand with the Asian American and Pacific Islander Community

March 22, 2021|

Last Tuesday, eight people lost their lives in three Atlanta-area shootings.  The victims’ names are Delania Ashley Yaun, Hyun Jung Grant, Soon Chung Park, Suncha Kim, Yong Ae Yue, Paul Andre Michels, Xiaojie Tan, and Daoyou Feng. Six of the victims were of Asian descent.  This mass murder has captured media
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