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The Coaching Letter

The Coaching Letter is written by Partners’ staff member Isobel Stevenson, who has extensive experience as both a leader and a coach. The Coaching Letter’s perspective is that leaders could be a bit more successful if they thought and acted more like coaches, and coaches could be a bit more successful if they thought and acted more like leaders.

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908, 2021

Coaching Letter #149

August 9, 2021|

Hello, I hope this finds you well. I just saw the obituary in The New York Times of Albert Bandura, the psychologist whose work on perceived self-efficacy I employ all the time. I never met him, but I’ve read his book on self-efficacy and many of his papers, and I admired his writing, so I was sad to learn that he has died. May his memory be a blessing. The obituary devotes most of its portrayal of Professor Bandura to
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807, 2021

Coaching Letter #148

July 8, 2021|

Hello, I hope you are doing well. Today was a big day for two reasons. One, it looks like England is dropping the quarantine requirements for international travelers from “amber” countries, which means that I’ll be able to visit my sister and father next month. Two, it was the first day of HQI Live! In Milford—the orientation day for the participating adults; the student participants start on Monday. And much as I am tempted to write about the first, I’m
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3006, 2021

Coaching Letter #147

June 30, 2021|

Hello, I hope this finds you well. If there is your first issue of The Coaching Letter, welcome. You can find all previous issues here. I am currently in Seattle, where it is pleasantly cool—but it wasn’t earlier in the week, when it was in high 90s and low 100s. That wasn’t the plan when I booked the flights. So I’ve been participating in the third iteration of the Acceleration Workshop from the very beautiful back garden of the house
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2906, 2021

Coaching Letter #146

June 29, 2021|

Good evening, I hope this finds you well. Only a few days left in this school year, so congratulations on making it through the most challenging school year ever! Now you know you can do ANYTHING! I wrote in the last Coaching Letter about some of the work I’ve been doing to prepare for the Acceleration NIC that launches in a couple of weeks. This CL is also about that work, although it is also a stand-alone piece, and actually
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3105, 2021

Coaching Letter #145

May 31, 2021|

Hi, I hope you’re doing well. A number of Coaching Letter readers live outside the US, but here in the USA it’s Memorial Day, when we remember those who have died in service to the Nation. Amen. And I know how this makes me sound, but I’m really glad it’s been a cold and wet weekend, because now I feel no obligation to host something or go somewhere—even the gym’s closed, so I feel no obligation to go there, either.
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1005, 2021

Coaching Letter #144

May 10, 2021|

Happy Mother’s Day to those of you who celebrate it. It’s an odd holiday; as I learned from Wikepedia this morning, the woman who campaigned for Mother’s Day to become a national holiday, Anna Jarvis, was later appalled at how commercial it became, and campaigned to have it de-recognized. Plus it’s complicated for other reasons; I have several good friends who recently lost their mothers (I feel you, and I am sorry), plus there are those who object to the
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