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Strategic planning forms the backbone of any successful change, improvement, or transformation effort. Often, however, strategic planning lacks the power to influence district improvement. Partners work with schools, departments, districts, and other organizations to gather candid input, collect and analyze relevant information, and create a focused road map that includes implementation, communication, and measurement.

Partners for Educational Leadership offer several strategic planning services

  • Engaging district and school teams in strategy development processes designed to create plans worthy of high aspirations for all students;
  • Direct coaching of leaders to help them design leadership actions to deliver on organizational strategy;
  • Scenario planning with working groups charged with making recommendations for inclusion in a strategic plan;
  • Audits of current initiatives to help organizations become more focused and coherent;
  • “Pre-mortem” of a plan to find the gaps, flaws, and weaknesses before the plan is put into place.

For more information about our Strategic Planning services, contact team member Isobel Stevenson at

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Isobel Stevenson, the Director of Organizational Learning, has recently co-authored a highly acclaimed book, The Strategic Playbook for Educational Leaders, with Jennie Weiner, an Associate Professor of Educational Leadership at the University of Connecticut. This resource provides leaders with a concrete framework for a strategic improvement plan, helping educators link the “principles” to ”processes” of planning.

Stevenson-Weiner Book

“…such a remarkable and useful book.”  – Dylan Wiliam

“This book, is the antithesis of everything you assumed or imagined about strategic planning.”  – Andy Hargreaves

“They chart an ambitious and productive path for individual and organizational learning.” – Susan Moore Johnson