Beliefs Guiding Our Equity Work

In America, perceptions and biases about race, class, ability, and gender have deep roots bound into our national history, culture, systems, and structures.  By default, these perceptions and biases are replicated in schools.

  • Inequities based on racism and classism  are baked into our educational system and must be dismantled at a personal, institutional, and systemic level–it is the system that causes the inequities, not the student.
  • Educational inequities are caused by racism, prejudice, and bias that disadvantage marginalized groups.
  • Working on institutional racism without working on personal and interpersonal transformation allows inequities to persist and subverts systemic transformation.
  • Ensuring equity in schools requires a deep commitment to and accountability for high quality teaching and learning.

Partners for Educational Leadership’s Equity Framework

Partners for Educational Leadership offers these services in relation to social justice and equity:

Tools & Resources Relating to Social Justice and Equity