Our Programs

Partners for Educational Leadership is responsive to the evolving educational climate and needs of school districts. We provide hands-on, facilitated opportunities to try out new skills in safe, collaborative environments, meeting the needs of educators at all levels – families, superintendents, central office leaders, building leaders, and staff. Through these programs and communities of practice, we support organizational improvement and leadership development in an interactive and dynamic professional learning environment.

We offer a suite of interrelated programs and services. Moreover, we partner with our clients, providing context-specific support and guidance.

Our Programs

Partners for Educational Leadership offers a series of cost-effective and powerful professional learning institutes. These team-centered experiences provide research-based frameworks, powerful adult learning, and practical tools that are readily transferred back into district, schools, and classrooms.

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Building Thinking Classrooms with Partners
PEL staff with Peter Liljedahl

We’re bringing Peter Liljedahl back in 2024!

The response of the folks who got to see Peter in person was overwhelmingly positive. And we know that there are many other math teachers who were not at one of the workshops but who’ve read the book and are starting to implement the 14 practices in their classrooms. We want to support these efforts! Click the link below to be redirected to our Building Thinking Classrooms website for the latest in related offerings from us.

Coaching for Leaders
two business professionals speaking

Coaching for Leaders

July 25, 26, & 27, 2023

This Coaching Institute is designed especially for building and central office leaders; educators who are not coaches but who would benefit from:

  • Knowing what good coaching looks like;
  • Incorporating coaching into their supervision, even as evaluators rather than coaches;
  • Optimizing coaching to support their strategy for improvement;
  • Knowing how to support coaches.
Coaching Institute

3-Day Coaching Institute

September 12, 20 & 28, 2023

Participants will learn about and practice the following:

  • Coaching educators in order to support equity, instructional and leadership practice, and school and district improvement;
  • Listening in order to encourage, sustain, and develop the skills of educators;
  • Providing feedback in a research-based and supportive manner;
  • Asking questions to move educators through the cycle of inquiry;
  • Supporting strategic thinking, problem-solving, and self-regulation.
Supporting Building Thinking Classrooms for Math Coaches
women working at whiteboard

Supporting Building Thinking Classrooms for Math Coaches

October 18, 2023

This workshop is for math coaches at the building or district levels who are interested in, or already are, supporting the implementation of Building Thinking Classrooms (BTC) in their schools and districts. We will be:

  • Connecting BTC to a district vision for high quality instruction;
  • Discussing creating the conditions for implementation of BTC for teachers, coaches, and leaders;
  • Laying out a framework for thinking about BTC to a district strategy for improvement and to continuous improvement;
  • Providing time to network with other coaches while working on next steps.
Other Partners Events
Acceleration Workshop

District Partner Events

  • Acceleration Networked Improvement Community (NIC)
  • Bridgeport Teacher Leader Institute
  • HQI Live:
    • Milford
    • Bristol