SIIP Network

Partners’ Systemic Instructional Improvement Program Network, known as SIIP, is a professional community of practice comprised of district leaders who oversee the improvement of teaching and learning district-wide. The primary goal of the SIIP Network is to offer support resources, and learning around systemic instructional improvement.  To this end, the Network addresses authentic problems of practice that emerge within district improvement efforts and pursues disciplined, shared learning concerning large-scale instructional change.

SIIP sessions are dynamic and interactive, employing case studies, tools for self-diagnosis, and cutting-edge research. Meetings are designed to enhance the transfer of new learning, skills, and tools into practice. Working with real-world issues and challenges, the group explores critical leadership and organizational practices in areas such as talent management, organizational innovation, execution of  improvement efforts, and leading for coherence and sustainability.

Ultimately, the focus of SIIP is on learning to improve.

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SIIP has been at the core of my professional development and growth as a district leader for several years. Our time together was consistently meaningful, student-centered and designed to build our collective and individual leadership capacities. SIIP is facilitated with expertise and finesse that perfectly balances research in change and improvement science, teaching and learning, and building a collaborative network that made me a better person and leader. For me, this monthly time was prioritized as I knew I would leave with a clear destination and refined skills to shape the path forward for my team. SIIP is a community where all members are welcome, seen and heard. What could be better?

Chris Tranberg, Superintendent, Branford Public Schools