Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Network (EDIN)

The Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Network (EDIN) is a professional community of practice comprised of district equity leaders who oversee district-wide initiatives specifically focused on the elimination of inequities that contribute to disproportionate learning and achievement by students of certain social groups while ensuring all students are prepared for a productive and meaningful life. Over the course of the school year leaders will explore equity-focused case studies, develop tools for building capacity, and review cutting-edge research.

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For more information about the EDIN, please contact Rydell Harrison at rharrison@partnersforel.org

“My experiences as a member of EDIN have been truly transformative for both myself and for the work I am helping lead in my district to advance access, opportunity, and success for each and every single student and family. As a community of practice, EDIN members tackle with unflinching commitment, courage, and candor the pernicious structures and effects of racism and injustice within education as they disproportionately and discriminately stunt the potentials, dreams, and achievements of individuals and entire communities. The nature of EDIN, which I have found to be of deepest benefit, is one of warm and unwavering demand. There is an urgency and a seriousness with which sessions are facilitated and with which EDIN members engage in our shared work. The issues we tackle and the strategies we develop are both complex and crucial. I leave every session stretched in thought, moved through learning, and strengthened in my abilities to make positive change. The caring, critical friends I have met and work alongside in EDIN I now consider some of the most important members of my professional network. I am beyond grateful for EDIN as a community through which I am growing immeasurably as a change agent for true educational justice and reform.”

Eric Martin, Director of Curriculum, Instruction, and Technology - Portland Public Schools

“I love EDIN and the Educational Partners community! As a DEI leader, my time with my coach Rydell has been an educational, affirming, and most importantly, joyful experience. I look forward to our coaching sessions as it is a sacred space where I am encouraged, challenged, and essentially watered for the weighty work of Equity. Additionally, our district-district monthly DEI collaborative meetings give space for reflection, feedback, resources, and best practices for systematic change. These resources have made my first year in my position tremendously successful.”

Natalie Simpson, Equity Specialist Farmington Public Schools
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