Acceleration NIC

The Acceleration Networked Improvement Community (NIC) brings together a small number of district teams committed to a common pursuit of improving outcomes for all students while accelerating the growth of those furthest behind.  Districts participating in the NIC are:

  1. Interested in learning the disciplines and tools of improvement science, applying them to one of the most daunting challenges in public education.
  2. Committed to engage in action research in the form of rapid-cycle improvement, running active experiments, gathering data, and identifying learning that can benefit the entire community.
  3. Dedicated to developing capacity, promoting sustainability, and growing knowledge about how to better champion those students needing greater support.
  4. Passionate about innovating on behalf of the students, families, and communities they serve.
  5. Devoted to bringing about more equitable learning and outcomes for all students.

Districts will identify a small team of change leaders to participate in the Network Improvement Community, which will come together (virtually and physically) several times a year for new learning, common planning, and analyzing the results of respective and collective experiments on behalf of accelerating learning for students. 

The Acceleration NIC is designed to be high-investment and high-return, and it will be unlike other communities of practice in which you participate or that we currently offer.  Participation will be limited to a small cohort of districts that demonstrate a commitment to action, a track record for continuous improvement, and an urgency for serving those students in greatest need.

For more information about the Acceleration NIC please contact us at

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