man and woman laughing in front of graphic
man and woman laughing in front of graphic

About Us

Partners for Educational Leadership is a non-profit organization with a mission to improve teaching and learning, to reduce achievement gaps, and to promote equity in schools. Partners for Educational Leadership supports comprehensive pre K-12 educational reform through a system-wide, integrated approach focused on improving instructional practice and developing leadership at all levels, from parents to superintendents.

Our Vision

We envision a future in which our educational system provides every student an excellent and equitable education leading to a rewarding and productive life.

Our Mission

We partner with educational leaders to reimagine teaching and learning, dismantle instructional inequities, and support systemic improvement so that all students can flourish.

Our Programs

Our Programs


2023 is the year to improve your coaching skills with Partners!  From a 3-day workshop for beginning coaches, to opportunities to expand upon your existing coaching skills – – check out all we have to offer!

Our Networks

Our Networks

Our peer and leadership networks are active and a key part of our partnerships.

Our Services

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Partners for Educational Leadership offers a variety of services to clients, identifying needs and challenges and designing plans to address them.

These services range from one-on-coaching to system-wide reviews.

Latest From Our Blogs

The Partners Blog

The Partners Blog is written primarily by Partners’ executive director Richard Lemons. Through these letters, Richard shares resources, tools, and research relevant to leading organizations, prompting large-scale instructional improvement, and disrupting inequity.

The Stevenson Coaching Letter

The Coaching Letter is written by Partners’ staff member Isobel Stevenson, who has extensive experience as both a leader and a coach. The Coaching Letter’s perspective is that leaders could be a bit more successful if they thought and acted more like coaches, and coaches could be a bit more successful if they thought and acted more like leaders.